Thursday, August 12, 2010

Overclocking your Galaxy S / Captivate

Out of the box, the Captivate is plain FAST! A 1GHz Hummingbird processor will do that.

Apparently it's not fast enough.

Read on to see an overclock to 1.2 GHz with plans to go for 1.6 GHZ and beyond.

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Captivate Overclocked To 1.2 GHz

Captivate Overclocked To 1.2 GHz

Be it an international version or a stateside version, I haven’t talked to a single person that doesn’t love their Galaxy S device.  With development for Android devices forging ahead, and new devices coming out so rapidly it is always exciting when a new achievement is reached. XDA member blackjackboy and devs like AJerman got to working on the Captivate’s kernel. The nicest report from the newest Kernel is upping the 1 GHz hummingbird processor to 1.2 GHz. All you need is a Rooted Captivate, the new kernel and SetCPU which is available in the market or in the forums.

Theoretically the hummingbird chip should be easily be clocked at 1.6 GHz and still be very stable, which is pretty impressive since my wife’s last laptop was 1.33 GHz. They are looking into the possibility of the chip even clocking higher at some point and still not be at the break point.

“OK guys, thanks to AJerman and many others who have posted in this thread, we have had success in compiling, loading and running a bug free kernel. The wakeup lag is there, but is highly reduced. Also, if someone could figure out how to compile a boot.img so that we can simply flash the kernel through recovery (I have no idea how), we would really be grateful, for all of us with either Linux or Mac. Anyway, here is the link, flash it through Odin3 . Bug reports are welcome, as are logcats. Please download SetCPU from the market, or for free from an xda thread (I forgot where it is, I think it’s in the G1 section). Set to OnDemand to reduce wakeup, set lowest possible value for min, and highest for max (1.2 GHz). Of course, you can also use profiles if you are an advanced SetCPU user. Thanks for reading, here we go!”

The enthusiasm of this dev and his friends is amazing. He is really pushing for a stable kernel that can push the 2k quadrant score. I’m behind him 100%, how would like it if your phone pushed a 2k quadrant score and was set at 1.6 GHz?


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