Thursday, October 28, 2010

No Nexus 2 on November 8th at Samsung Event- Sorry Guys

No Nexus 2 on November 8th at Samsung Event- Sorry Guys: "

We’re not sure where this rumor got started however it was regurgitated on Wednesday nights Android Show on Radio Android with host Scotty Brown. Scotty has some great sources however these sources led to Brown’s announcement that the next generation of Nexus, a developer phone, would be announced at a Samsung press event on November 8. We have good sources that tell us this is not the case. Also any press member who was originally invited to this event can look at the invitation itself, the invitation image file has the name of the phone that will be announced and that particular device has already been leaked all over the place.

We are looking forward to seeing some extremely innovative ideas and speculation come to fruition on November 8th at the Samsung event however it is by no stretch the “Nexus 2″ is Samsung working on a developer phone, quite possibly however I don’t think we will see anything along those lines until way into 2011.


HTC Mecha Leaked On HTC Sense

HTC Mecha Leaked On HTC Sense: "
HTC Mecha Leaked On HTC Sense

Whispers of the HTC Mecha have been going around for some time and now some evidence of such a device has been leaked by HTC's own HTC Sense site. The site listed the Mecha along with the Desire HD and Desire Z when users tried to sign up for an account, confirming the existence of such a device. While that might have been a slip up, the picture of the phone didn't reveal much as it seems to be an image of the old HTC Hero, which we doubt is the Mecha. Still, at least it's a good sign of things to come.

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Apple Silently Pulls White iPhone 4 From Its Website [TNW Mobile]

Apple Silently Pulls White iPhone 4 From Its Website [TNW Mobile]: "

With the white iPhone 4 delayed until next Spring, it has left analysts and consumers to speculate that the handset will never actually make it to market and whether it will be absorbed into the next iPhone product refresh.

There has been a interesting development in this story, an action by Apple itself. 9to5mac noticed that the company has silently pulled the white iPhone 4 from its product pages, leaving just the black iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS on the store.

With colour issues and light leakage plaguing the white model, perhaps Apple is taking the hard route and waiting until next Spring to roll out a completely new white iPhone device, right now it seems the most logical explanation.Image Credit

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LiveProfile Beta is now available in the Android Market

LiveProfile Beta is now available in the Android Market: "
LiveProfile is a FREE cross-platform messenger available for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone. It's the BlackBerry Messenger alternative that anyone can use. LiveProfile supports user profiles, BBM-like messaging, status messages, photo galleries, optional SMS support, and much more!

Get it here: LiveProfile - Stay Connected - BlackBerry Messenger Alternative

LiveProfile is already one of the top downloaded communication apps in the Android Market and growing quickly! See here


Friday, October 22, 2010

Sharp exits PC business to focus on Android-based tablets

Sharp exits PC business to focus on Android-based tablets: "Sharp Japan has announced that it will cease to develop and manufacture notebook and desktop PCs. Although innovative designs such as the Mebius notebook and netbooks, which featured a touchscreen input in place of a traditional trackpad were reasonably well received by consumers, Sharp will instead focus on eBooks and tablets. It is calling the move √ęstrategic√≠ and has not ruled out returning to the PC market in the future....


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Desktop Fun: LEGO Wallpaper Collection Series 2

Desktop Fun: LEGO Wallpaper Collection Series 2: "

Are you a LEGO maniac or know someone who is? Then get ready to “block up” your desktop in style with our LEGO Series 2 wallpaper collection.

Note: Click on the picture to see the full-size image—these wallpapers vary in size so you may need to crop, stretch, or place them on a colored background in order to best match them to your screen’s resolution.



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Gingerbread, Honeycomb I is for Ice Cream

Gingerbread, Honeycomb I is for Ice Cream: "

Today’s episode of Sesame Street, I mean is brought to you by the letter “I” and I is for Ice Cream. In an interview with Forbes Magazine, President of ARM,  Tudor Brown, revealed that the next sweet treat name for the flavor of Android after Honeycomb is in fact “Ice Cream”. There weren’t many other choices for the letter “I” perhaps Italian Ice or something of that flavor.

Google provided a standard no comment by stating: “The next platform release names are Gingerbread and Honeycomb. Additional timing and details have not been released yet.” however Tudor Brown is definitely high up on the Android hiarchy and pretty reliable in these matters.

The Forbes magazine article, further concurs that Tudor Brown is a credible source. They also cite that this is not the first time an Android OEM partner revealed the name of a release before Google did. Samsung revealed the name “Honeycomb” in a Q &  A session at IFA in Berlin Gemany in September of 2010; when The Droid Guy asked WP Wong and JK Shin of Samsung Telecommunications about the Galaxy Tab’s upgradeability. Although that was the first time Honeycomb was used by a partner, Aaron Kasten, of tipped the Android Family off to the name Honeycomb back on August 4.

Source: Forbes Magazine


Demand for Angry Birds on Android inundates GetJar’s app store

Demand for Angry Birds on Android inundates GetJar’s app store: "

Demand for Angry Birds almost sunk the app store where the Google Android version of the game first appeared today. GetJar said that the demand for the game, which has sold more than 7 million units on the iPhone in the past 10 months, was so big that it brought down the company’s servers.

Chris Dury, a GetJar executive, wrote on the company’s blog, “Wow! People love Angry Birds! Today we launched the full version of Angry Birds for Andriod, before it was available anywhere else. The demand exceeded all expectations, and degraded performance on For some time, the site was inaccessible due to the load.”

Users are downloading the game to phones that run the Google Android operating system.

Dury said the company has built its team to 60 people in the past few months and improved its capacity. But the store wasn’t able to handle eight times to 10 times more users downloading apps at the same time. GetJar normally does 3 million downloads a day and today the company might have hit more than 10 million if all had gone well. In a couple of weeks, GetJar will add more scale and be able to handle more than 10 million downloads per day. Dury offered his “deep regrets” to Angry Birds developer Rovio and game fans.

Over the weekend, the game will also be available on the Android Market as a free, ad-supported download.

Companies: ,



YouTube Leanback Coming To Google TV

YouTube Leanback Coming To Google TV: "
YouTube Leanback Coming To Google TV

YouTube has officially rolled out YouTube Leanback, a layout previewed a while back that is designed for 10-foot viewing on TVs where a long viewing distance is necessary. The interface removes the comments and many other distracting visuals while making important features easily accessible. Folks who use Google TV hardware will have the option of setting devices like the Logitech Revue or Sony Internet TV to use Leanback the first time they load YouTube from the regular interface. Such a move will definitely help YouTube become commonplace in the living room. Video after the jump.

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Deal Alert: Existing T-Mobile Customers, Upgrade To The G2 For $99.99 At Costco

Deal Alert: Existing T-Mobile Customers, Upgrade To The G2 For $99.99 At Costco: "

imageThe sad part about being a mobile customer, at least in the US, is that you almost never get the same perks when upgrading your phone with your current carrier, compared to switching to a new one. For example, if you’re an existing T-Mobile customer, you will need to shell out $200 if you upgrade with T-Mobile, Amazon, or even Wirefly.

Thankfully, we were just tipped off about a deal in Costco that offers the G2 for $99.99 to both new and existing customers renewing their contracts as well as those adding a new line....


Verizon’s Q4 Roadmap Shows LG enV Pro, Droid Pro, Droid 2 Global, and HTC Merge

Verizon’s Q4 Roadmap Shows LG enV Pro, Droid Pro, Droid 2 Global, and HTC Merge: "

This image has no alt text

We know Verizon has a pretty nice holiday lined up in terms of device launches (and we’re not just counting Android here), but a newly-leaked roadmap finally confirms launch windows for several Android handsets. The HTC Merge – which Verizon has yet to officially announce but we most certainly know to be making its rounds – sits among the Motorola Droid Pro (confirmed), the Motorola Droid 2 Global (Unconfirmed), and the LG enV Pro (a light rumor up until now.)

thumb_550_verizon-global-lineup (1)

So the enV line has converted to Android – as we learned before – and everything else is business as usual. We haven’t heard much about the enV Pro, but there’s a possibility that this could be the same phone by LG that Engadget uncovered a while back – that phone was dubbed the LG enV Touch 2. It was said to have a QWERTY keyboard in a clamshell form factor dual screens, Android 2.1 (upgraded to 2.2 in the future), and radios for world roaming. Other rumors have pegged the Pro without the QWERTY keyboard and have said it would launch with Android 2.2, but I don’t think it’s worth crossing these many streams of proton at this point. Let’s just wait until we can pull up something more solid.

[via Android Central]


Monday, October 11, 2010

Amplify Button post from Widgetslab

This is a good tool for web sites.

Amplify’d from

Add an Amplify It! Button to your site offers a different content sharing ability than the regular options from the likes of AddThis and ShareThis. With, you are able to ‘Clip’ parts of web pages and share just those parts. also gives you a page of your share clips that you can also share with others and with members of the community.

An Amplify It! button

Add the Amplify It! button to your web site or blog so your visitors can share their favorite parts of your articles or blog posts all around the web. Sharing with Amplify will always include a link back to your post.

A small menu with various sharing options should appear on your screen. Click ‘Clip This Page’ to start clipping and sharing the content.

With WordPress integration

The Amplify Button Plugin for WordPress lets you add an Amplify button to each of your blog posts so your visitors can share their favorite parts all around the social web. Sharing with Amplify will always include a link back to your post.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

AppBrain App Updated Again, Adds Handful Of New (Awesome) Features

AppBrain App Updated Again, Adds Handful Of New (Awesome) Features: "


Looks like the already-awesome AppBrain App Market app (yea, it’s a little hard to wrap your head around that one) has been updated today, and now includes some pretty awesome new features:

  • Cloud to Device app uninstalls

  • Set wallpaper

  • Send URL to phone

  • Landscape mode

  • Dark theme

Cloud to device uninstalls are by far the big winner there – AppBrain already allowed some pretty awesome remote control over your phone’s apps via your PC, and remote uninstall is a major addition to the existing feature set. Set wallpaper could also be handy –...