Monday, June 13, 2011

App Widget Picker for Android

This app organizes your widget list in Android so you don't have to scroll through multiple size configurations for each widget. The various sizes get added to what appears to be links to the actual widget.

Hooray for more organization and customization!

I love Android.

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For those of you that like tricking out your home screen, you know widgets are a must. However, many of you might have noticed that having a lot of widgets means your long press widget menu is long and clustered. Thankfully,  boombuler over at xda has thought up a solution.

Enter AppWidgetPicker. Looking at the screenshot, you might notice that you don’t see “Grooveshark 4×1,” “Grooveshark 4×2,” etc. Instead, you’ll notice the subtle “(x widgets).” For those of you who like staying organized this install is an absolute must. You’ll no longer have to sort through 12 different minimalistic text widgets in order to get down to your Pandora widget. It’s such a simple concept and boombuler pulls it off so well. The installation is pretty simple and it will work with all non-sense based launchers.

Hit up the thread on xda to see more! Thanks again boombuler!


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