Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Virtual desktops for Windows7. Multi-Tabber

Multi-Tabber give you up to 10 Virtual Desktops on your Windows7 computer. This is an awesome feature...but for some reason Microsoft keeps forgetting to add virtual desktops as standard fare.

I would like to see the ability to set different backgrounds for each desktop. These would act as instant visual reminders as to which desktop you are on.

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Multi-Tabber Adds Up To 10 Virtual Desktops, Extends Windows 7 Taskbar

Multi-Tabber is a Windows application which adds additional virtual desktops. Handy for people who require running many applications and often find their taskbar to be cluttered with multiple items. Multi-tabber allows having upto 10 different virtual desktops which can be easily switched by small buttons which appear just above the taskbar. The virtual desktops are intangible and can be easily removed by exiting the application from the system tray. You can also change tab colors and select the number of screens to view simultaneously. This can give your Windows PC a Ubuntu style work space-switching functionality.

Once Multi-Tabber is installed, it displays different virtual desktop buttons above the taskbar. You can click on any of the virtual desktop buttons to switch to them.

Virtual Desktops
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