Thursday, September 23, 2010

Alternative to Swype keyboard

Alternative to Swype keyboard: "

Swiftkey leaves beta and goes mainstream.

Onscreen keyboards are a very important consideration for mobile devices. If you are currently using the stock keyboard that came with your device, you may be missing out on some very useful features.

Alternatives like Swype and StyleWriter (missing in action) give you the ability to drag your finger across an approximation of a word. the keyboard app would then try to guess what you were trying to input and put up some suggestions. This works for some, but not all.

Swiftkey is a regular type keyboard that is enhanced with a very powerful prediction engine that learns from what you type. This gives it the ability to make suggestions as to what the next word in your sentence may be.


Swiftkey has just left beta testing. (the test version is still available for FREE) The full version is available today for $0.99 in the Android Market. After today, the price rockets to $3.99

You can also get there from here.

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