Tuesday, September 7, 2010

LG will ship Android phones powered by dual-core CPUs in Q4

LG will ship Android phones powered by dual-core CPUs in Q4

Just hours before Samsung introduced its new Orion processor powerhouse yesterday, LG announced that it will ship Android phones with dual-core CPUs in Q4 this year. LG has teamed up with NVIDIA and the upcoming devices will be part of LG’s Optimus series and feature the system-on-a-chip Tegra 2.

I have always had a soft-spot for NVIDIA’s Tegra processor, but so far it has had a hard time finding its way to the market – that will finally change this fall. The Tegra 2 sports a dual-core 1GHz CPU, a 1080p HD mobile video processor and an ultra low-power GeForce GPU. According to LG, we can expect up to 2 times faster web browsing and 5 times faster graphics performance over single core 1GHz processors. That’s roughly the same speed increase that Samsung claims the Orion will bring, and it will be a battle of the titans when these two state-of-the-art processors go head-to-head in a few months.

Both LG and NVIDIA say that the Tegra 2 will offer “console-quality gaming”, which definitely shouldn’t be an overstatement. Hopefully big-time game developers such as EA and id Software finally will realize the vast gaming potential of the Android platform once Tegra 2 and Orion powered devices start shipping. I personally can’t wait to see 3-D titles that take full advantage of these new chips.

Another Android device featuring the Tegra 2 that soon will be released is the tablet StreamTV Elocity A7, which should be available in October.

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