Monday, September 20, 2010

Meet the HTC Lexikon, Verizon’s Next DROID?

Meet the HTC Lexikon, Verizon’s Next DROID?: "

The image above is the new HTC Lexikon which as you can see is rockin’ the obvious Verizon branding at the top. The Lexikon is looking like the next DROID series device and while it looks a little different than the HTC slider we saw pass through the FCC earlier this month, the specs appear to be similar. Along with this image leak, the RUU for this device has leaked along with some of the specs.

Rumored specs for the HTC Lexikom include:

You can get a direct download of the leaked RUU by clicking here. We’re not sure how long this link will stay up so we’re working on providing a mirror really soon. Will this be your next Verizon device?

Via: 911 HTC, Droid-Life


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