Friday, September 3, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab – Price & Release Date Found

Samsung Galaxy Tab – Price & Release Date Found: "

We promised to get you the price and launch date of the most talked about Android device of the moment, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, as soon as possible and we like to deliver. Although Sammy were eager to show off the device itself at Germany’s IFA, they remained tight lipped about availability and pricing. This hasn’t stopped UK based mobile device supplier Expansys however, who have listed the device for pre-order on their site.

The 16GB Galaxy Tab model will set you back £679.99 in Britian or $949.99 from their stateside site. It will be available from Tuesday 12th October.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Price

Whoa there … £679.99 or $949.99, that’s pricey, more pricey than an equivalent 3G + WiFi iPad, even in Europe. $949.99 is more expensive than the US price of the top of the line 64GB 3G + WiFi model. Clearly, this is pre-release pricing and so pinches of salt must accompany, but pre-release pricing is usually somewhere in the ballpark of eventual retail pricing. Obviously network subsidies will offset the price if you take out a data plan, but we question how many will want to shell out monthy for a tablet contract on top of their existing mobile contract. Lets hope that Samsung follow up with a WiFi only model soon.

This makes the expected price for the 10-inch Archos 101 look favourable, even if the device sacrifices 3G capability and isn’t as highly spec’d as the Galaxy Tab. Our feeling is sub $500 is the price point at which Android tablets will sell in bucketloads, even if this only applies to non-3G models.

How much would you expect to pay for your Android tablet? Are you willing to pay the premium for 3G? Would you take out a network contract for an Android Tablet? Is the expected $1k price tag of the Galaxy Tab way off the mark? Let us know.


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