Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Latest LauncherPro brings Friends widget and custom homescreen grid sizes

Latest LauncherPro brings Friends widget and custom homescreen grid sizes: "

You know you’ve made it on the Android Market when blogs start reporting on your app’s updates. Such as application is the prominent homescreen replacement LauncherPro, which just received an update to version The new release includes an option to customize the homescreen grid size: i.e., you can decide the number of columns and rows on your homescreen yourself. This way, you may fit a lot more on it if you want to.

For Plus users, the last of the promised widgets has been added – a Friends widget that combines feeds from Twitter and Facebook. It works just as the other LauncherPro social network widgets, and the update also brings a few bug fixes for the Plus version. Even though the new HTC Sense UI will arrive for current HTC devices in one way or the other, the company might have a hard time keeping up on the launcher front if Carnales keeps adding new cool features on a weekly basis.

Those who follow the developer on Twitter might have noticed that he has bold plans to rewrite the entire app from scratch in order to be more familiar with the code and gain better control over it. How, and if, this undertaking will affect updates to the current incarnation of the launcher is yet unclear. Carnales has also stated on Twitter that widget skinning soon will be a feature.

On a side note, Carnales was recently contacted via Twitter by ZodTTD, the coder behind the PlayStation emulator psx4droid, regarding a business proposal. Not sure if that’s going to result in anything, but if these two developers were to work together, the outcome would likely be pure awesomeness.


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