Thursday, September 30, 2010

Google's mobile ads get hyperlocal -- and more useful!

Google's mobile ads get hyperlocal -- and more useful!: "

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You're standing dazed on a street corner in Palo Alto. Suddenly you realize, 'Oh crap, I need to rent a car so I can rendezvous with the guys at Fronty's Meat Market!!' You whip out your Nexus One, search for car rentals, and bingo! A hyperlocal ad for an Enterprise location just half a mile away appears.

Now you've got your wheels, and the Donbot won't have to teach you a lesson.

If you happen to live in a metropolitan area, this is actually pretty cool. Sure, they're ads, but if they can be this relevant the majority of the time, they're pretty dang useful.

Well, useful to a lot of you, anyway. I'm not certain there are a lot of hyperlocal Google Mobile Ads being served for northern Manitoba, so I won't be getting much use out of them.

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