Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Twidroyd 4 released, introduces LivePreview feature

Twidroyd 4 released, introduces LivePreview feature: "

There is a wealth of Twitter apps for Android and the official one just got a slightly new UI. The very first Android Twitter client, Twidroyd (formerly Twidroid), has also gotten an update – a major one to version 4. Twidroyd has consistently been one of the most popular Twitter apps, and the Pro version is by many considered to be the best of them all. Back in March when Androinica did a massive Android Twitter app comparison, it came in third when people voted.

The biggest addition in Twidroyd 4 is the new landscape mode LivePreview feature. It consists of two separate panes: one shows your Twitter feed, and the pane to the right shows a preview of the content associated with the currently selected tweet, such as a picture, video or a web page. If there are no links present, the preview pane simply shows the tweet and a few buttons for quick access to common commands.

Twidroyd 4 LivePreview

Several Twitter apps, like Twicca, have been able to show previews of images for a long time, but not quite like this. The LivePreview feature requires Android 2.x, but by now that includes the majority of Android users. Twidroyd’s previews generally work as advertised and are very convenient, but the app failed to bring up Twitpic images when I tried it and the handling of Flickr photos could’ve been better.

A Pro version of Twidroyd is available for $3.99, and it comes with extra functionality such as three desktop widgets, native support and the option to have multiple accounts. Android users without access to paid apps in the Market can purchase the Pro version via PayPal instead.

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