Thursday, September 2, 2010

Galaxy Tab Releasing at IFA

Galaxy Tab Releasing at IFA: "

We are writing here live from Berlin Germany where Samsung Mobile is about to unveil the highly anticipated Galaxy Tab. This 7″ beauty is the first Android tablet to head to the United States with the feature rich experience we have come to expect from high end Android phones. Unlike the ipad which came to market as “an oversized ipod touch” or “oversized iphone” the Samsung Galaxy Tab offers a similar but unique experience to Android users.

We were on hand yesterday for a private screening of the device hosted by Soon Kim, Project Manager for the Galaxy Tab. During this presentation in Berlin, we learned about all the features the Samsung Galaxy Tab has to offer and got one to use and review.

The Galaxy Tab features a 7″ TFT capactive screen with true multi-touch, pinch and zoom and a 1024×600 WSVGA display. Although it’s not quite the specs of the SuperAMOLED screen on the Galaxy S series of smart phones, the display is brilliant, very crisp and coupled with the 1ghz Hummingbird processor, changing between screens and tasks is effortless and can be done in a pinch.

Samsung has designed the Galaxy Tab with every type of user in mind. First off for the business user and the student, the Tab offers a full version of think free office which makes using, creating and editing microsoft office documents a breeze. One thing I personally love is the detailed calendar app. The calendar app is fully integrated with google calendar in nice crisp views ranging from daily agenda to month-month view. It’s active screens can handly attendees, notes and links. To me this calendar application feels a lot less clunky than the calendar app on most androids which I love and use everyday.

The 4000 Mah battery allows for 7 hours of continuous video and other tasks before needing a charge. This makes the Galaxy Tab perfect for entertainment on long car rides and flights. The accelerometer, display, size and processor make gaming fun, easy and BIG.

Through variuos sites and posts a lot of the specs were already leaked but to use them in person solidified my belief that we finally have the Android tablet Ive been looking for.

The Galaxy Tab features 512mb of ram for applications and another 128mb of ram to handle the base bin. Samsung is releasing a GSM/HSPPA model which can operate on HSPA+ along with a CDMA model. There will be two version choices at the consumer level 16gb on board or 32gb on board with an expansion slot that will support up to a 32gb micro-sd card. The output is via a 30pin connector designed for docking stations. The Galaxy Tab will ship with the typical 30pin to USB cord which also dubs as a transfer cord from PC to Tablet.

The Galaxy Tab is running froyo, Android 2.2 full-tilt with not Adobe Flash support, but Adobe Flash 10.1 already loaded and integrated into the system. Bluetooth 3.0 makes it a cinch to use the Galaxy Tab in landscape mode with a bluetooth keyboard. Also the Galaxy Tab is the first Android tablet to allow true Android Market support and access to the over 70,000 android apps. Also the 7″ size means that the transition from phone to tab apps won’t be as restrictive as say running iphone apps on an ipad.


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