Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Watchdog Task Manager - Stop killing randomly.

Watchdog Task Manager - Stop killing randomly.: "
Ever have your phone get warm in your pocket, only to find out the battery is almost dead and it's only 10am? One possible reason this can happen is if an app went rogue and consumed CPU unbounded.

Task killers kill randomly and ruthlessly. If you've used one, you know all about having to exclude apps so it doesn't kill an important one.

Watchdog eliminates this problem. It actually watches the CPU usage numbers, and ALERTS you when one goes bad, letting you target kill it and it alone. No need to wipe out the innocent apps. Leaving apps running if they're well behaved and letting Android perform the killing will help your overall phone experience as well.

The full version allows you to specify a CPU limit threshold on problem apps, where Watchdog will kill single apps if/when they exceed a kill threshold, handy for buggy apps that you can't live without.


Watchdog Lite

Finally, here is an excerpt from the Android blog. Info straight from the horse's mouth.


The fact that you can see an application's process "running" does not mean the application is running or doing anything. It may simply be there because Android needed it at some point, and has decided that it would be best to keep it around in case it needs it again. Likewise, you may leave an application for a little bit and return to it from where you left off, and during that time Android may have needed to get rid of the process for other things.

A key to how Android handles applications in this way is that processes don't shut down cleanly. When the user leaves an application, its process is kept around in the background, allowing it to continue working (for example downloading web pages) if needed, and come immediately to the foreground if the user returns to it. If a device never runs out of memory, then Android will keep all of these processes around, truly leaving all applications "running" all of the time.



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