Friday, September 10, 2010

Samsung Fascinate Gets Root

Samsung Fascinate Gets Root: "

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We aren’t surprised that this thing has been rooted so quickly – all of the other Galaxy S phones received day 1 (or day 2) roots as well – but the brief leg work has been done and a root method for the Samsung Fascinate is ready to go. This root method is actually the same exact method used for the Samsung Epic 4G. I know many of you looking forward to this device just let out a huge sigh of relief as you’ll want the newfound privileges that come with root to do some bloatware scrubbing. (And as you’ll want to attempt to get Google Search back onto the device as the default search engine, though Verizon claims it’ll come to all users once the device is upgraded to Android 2.2 due to the Google Voice Search app being available.)


Hit the source link below to find happiness down the yellow (or Big Red) brick road. [Thanks to all who sent this in.]

[SDX via AC]


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