Thursday, September 9, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Verizon Dropping Google Search From All Future Androids?

EXCLUSIVE: Verizon Dropping Google Search From All Future Androids?: "

We’ve been working on this story since yesterday in regards to the Verizon Samsung Fascinate, A Galaxy S Phone. After the Samsung Galaxy release event in late June we discovered, as the rest of you did, that Bing would be the search on the fascinate. We pinged Verizon spokeswoman, back on July 1, 2010 who gave us this reply: “We also have a great relationship with Microsoft and Bing is the default search engine on our feature phones. Customers may change the search engine on their phones if they like. ”

However after careful review of the Samsung Fascinate we found that the “Google Search” bar is not in the Android Widgets menu, nor can you access it from market. Also we tried several APK’s of the Google Seach bar and have not been able to get those to work either. These APK’s are working on the Captivate, and Vibrant as side loads.

Here’s where the story gets interesting. 2 of our Verizon tipsters, including the one who substantiated those HTC Merge photos back on August 4th, have told us that Verizon is dropping the Google Search from all future Android Devices and offering Bing in it’s place.

We were under the impression that Verizon is committed to the entire Google/Android experience.


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