Thursday, September 23, 2010

Motorola Flipout coming to America before the holidays

Motorola Flipout coming to America before the holidays: "

Motorola Flipout coming to US

There’s been some needless attention towards Motorola’s Flipout handset previously regarding release dates. Leaks were given that suggested the Flipout would be in the hands of raving teens all over the US, flashing their latest fad-changing, cool-looking, new spin on a flip phones, while showing off their Facebook photos of the Beiber Fever concert the school night before.

No official carrier or wireless band technology has been announced, however the device will be launching in America before the holidays, and will be running Android 2.1 with its own brand of Motorola Blur software included.

Maybe I’m getting old. I thought that flip phones were “out of style”. They’re so….2005! I can see where this device is targeted, teens and mom’s who are tired of stuffing their purses with large touch screen phones that only come in one color. I mean, how can you accessorize a phone, that only comes in black!?

Just in time for holidays, the Motorola Flipout should be ready to accompany any make-up mirror or school backpack.

Motorola Flipout coming to America before the holidays


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